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6 Top Tips for Engagement Sessions

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Engagement sessions are always a blast for the girl... but not so much for the guys... here's how to make it a little more laid back for him, you and the photographer!

  1. Involve him. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is involve you fiance in the planning. Ask him where he would like to go for the session, etc. He may not have an answer for you... but you are making him feel like his opinion counts by asking to begin with!

  2. Choose a location that your fiance enjoys. Does he like to fish? Go to the river! Does he enjoy hiking... why not find some great trails! If your fiance is balking about going to a Rose Garden or a studio... chances are your photos are going to look stiff and fussy. When you are relaxed and happy... your photos reflect it!

  3. Choose comfortable clothes. And not just ones that are comfortable... but ones he likes. Again... if he doesn't enjoy the idea of wearing a pink polo shirt... his face will reflect it in the photos. Remember ladies, how YOU feel when you don't like what you are wearing. :)

  4. Don't rush him. Right after work is not a good time to schedule a photo session... he'll be tired and dirty and will really just want to drink a beer (or soda) and kick back. Schedule your session during a weekend when he has plenty of time.

  5. Meet with your photographer before the shoot. Having your fiance meet the photographer before the shoot will help him to put all of his fears of "stuffy old men with giant flash bulbs" to rest. Your photographer will be able to help him relax and feel comfortable in no time.

  6. Give yourself plenty of time. The first thing that stresses a guy out... is a stressed out girl. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready and get to where the session location is. Take extra clothes, extra makeup, extra everything... just so you make sure you have all your "just in case" bases covered!